Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm so excited!!! I just can't hide it!!!

Hee hee! But i AM excited!!! I've received a few responses from my new blog followers & will be sharing them with you soon!  But another reason that i'm excited is that tomorrow, i have scheduled myself in my studio!!! Woo Hoo!!!  Now, to most of you, this may be not a big deal but to some of you, who i've been friends & Facebook friends with, know the chaos, i feel like i've been in. But for you new friends, here's a little background....

In April, hubby & i moved from a 3-4 bedroom ranch home with a full basement & single garage into a 2 bedroom duplex with an upstairs bonus room. Now that bonus room is part storage & part my studio. I was only able to get one afternoon up there to unpack my supplies, etc, before it got too hot up there. Then the central air didn't work correctly & the entire unit needs to be replaced & new lines run through both sides of the duplex.  (Financially, i am VERY thankful that this is a rental) The landlord has gotten us 2 window units for now, plus a dear friend gave us a unit. So, last week, one of the window units finally got upstairs & tomorrow, i'm going up there to work!

Here's how it all started in May....

This is the narrow hallway that leads up to the kitties' domain & my studio. Not an easy climb for a wowee size woman. Hopefully it will be good for me though. lol.

At the top of the stairs - items that will go into storage in the closet when i get it emptied of my supplies. (An no, the box marked "CATS" does not contain any fur babies, just figurines.)

 Jewel & Princess are here to supervise.

Queen Jewely Jewel making sure it all meets with her approval.

My painting garret. Princess Tippy Tail is making sure that the table is sturdy.

 Empty shelves to move around & fill.
 I have one window & mostly i see the neighbor's house or the Caterpillar plant behind us. And now with the window AC unit, the view won't be near as good. =)

Now, after i took these pictures, i was able to get about half of my supplies, etc. put away. So hopefully, i'll get all set up tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Next week, i'll begin sharing the tips that have been sent to me & i plan to have pics of a working studio. I'm excited about that too!!! Be sure to invite your friend to share their tips too. Until then, have a great week! <><


Monday, June 21, 2010

Looking For Sales In All The Wrong Places.

I'm in the same boat as a lot of us. Looking for sales in all the wrong places. I've spent a lot of time lately studying. Studying & learning. Now these are good things to do. We should never quit learning. I've learned quite a few wonderful tips & i am doing the best i can to implement them. But i feel like i am so unorganized...well, yes, i am.....and i don't know how to put all these tips together for success. So this week's project for me will be scheduling. I used to be pretty good at scheduling. when i worked for someone else & they gave me the tasks to schedule. I'm not near as disciplined now. =)

So, here's where i need your help. I would love to hear how your day, week, &/or months are scheduled. What tasks do you do & when. How do you manage housework, or i should say, life, with your home business? How did you find your target market? What tools do you use, either online or not....planners, checklists, anything that makes your life easier? Where do you sell your work?  Any & all tips are welcome & needed.

I am looking forward to hearing what you have to say & especially sharing the info on my blog which a link will be posted on facebook & twitter. With your permission, i will definitely give credit where credit is those who share their input.

What i would like you to do is to email me with your answers. ( Please put "Scheduling" in the subject line. Three people will be chosen randomly to receive one item of their choice from my etsy shop. I am so looking forward to hearing from you all! <><

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Reprioritizing (or.... Here I Go Again)

Do you have an issue with getting things done? I do. If you check out my archives, you'll see that i first attempted blogging last year. Why didn't i keep up with it. Procrastination? Well, my husband says is reprioritizing. (I like that word so much better.) Personally, i've said for many years that "if i ever got it together, i wouldn't know what to do with it." But, someday, i'd like to give it a try. i go again. And since i really don't know where to go from here, i'll give you a little background on myself & ifrogcrafts.

I started painting signs & what nots 10+ years ago. At that time, i was working 4 jobs to try to make ends meet. (1) I worked full time at a grocery store. (2) Was doing crafting as much as possible. (3) I sold Avon. (4) I cashiered at Target part time. Whew! It's a good thing i was younger, because there is no way i'd have that kind of stamina now! Fortunately, i got a job as a Retail Representative, where i made enough money that i could quit all my other jobs. I was so burnt out, that i did just that. After about a year, i realized that i really missed the creating, especially when i would go to a craft show or festival & see all the wonderful creations for sale. I missed crafting.

In July of 2006, i met my hubby. One afternoon, we went to a festival & walked around the craft area. I pointed out things like i used to do. A few weeks later, he informed me that when we got married, he wanted me to quit my Retail Rep job & get back into crafting full time. (The Rep job had changed & had started to be more tasking & was really wearing me down.) He told me that he saw my eyes light up, when i talked about what i used to make. He wanted to give me my dream. And he did.

And so was born, ifrogcrafts. I started doing show & festivals in the fall or 2007. And the rest, as they say, is history. This year, i have decided to not do the shows & festivals & focus on my online shops. The loading, unloading, setting up, tearing down, loading up again, has become too much for me physically. Let alone, being out in the heat or shivering in the cold. Then i think of the weather issues i've dealt with - well i won't miss all that. I do already miss the people & friends that i made along the way. But at this point in time, i feel this is the best decision for me.

So now you know "the rest of the story".