Monday, July 26, 2010

Thank God for Kids

Last week, i showed you my Halloween in July. I only received other Halloween links from one other person, but they are so cute. ( Not the links, but what they linked to. tee hee.) Cuddle Hugs offers a wide variety of Infant and Toddler Shoes, Tutus, Clothes & Accessories for your little Sweet Pea! including these adorable Lil' Pumpkin & Candy Corn Cuteness tutus for Halloween.

Stop by this Etsy shop & i'm sure you'll find something for your little Princess. 

My next order of business is something i'm very proud of. For awhile now, i've been looking for where i wanted to give my tithes & offerings. One of the things that i have loved about Facebook, is that i have reconnected with so many wonderful friends. One of my classmates, who was a very close friend of mine in high school, is now in Shell, Ecuador & she runs a home for abandoned, abused & special needs children....Casa de Fe. Shortly after we reconnected, Jhony came to Casa de Fe, in need of serious surgery. When i saw his picture, i fell in love with his smile. He has stayed in my prayers, as have the children & staff of Casa de Fe.  The other day, Patti, my friend posted a wonderful video about Casa de Fe. I saw Jhony in that video  & how he's grown so much. He still has that wonderful smile that radiates so much love. It was there & then that i realized...that is where my tithes & offerings need to go. My sales are very low right now, but i'm sure that whatever i can send will be appreciated. But no matter what the amount, a portion of ALL sales from ifrog crafts will go to Casa de Fe in Shell, Ecuador. For more information on this wonderful place & the work they do, please visit their website.

Or stop by thier Casa De Fe Prayer Page on Facebook.

That wraps things up for this time. Next week, i will be featuring a great lady who uses her business to promote others. Stay tuned.....

Monday, July 19, 2010

What a Day for a Daydream.....

Yes it is a day for a daydream....or at least to veg on the couch. It's rainy & dark & suppose to be nasty all day. And for most of the afternoon, i will be on the couch, but with laptop at hands. This is part of my new schedule for Monday. Writing my blog & catching up on computer work plus, by staying downstairs on the couch, i can do laundry at the same time. Again....thanks to all who gave me great input on my scheduling. =)
I have used my new Sharpie Oil Base Paint Markers. As stated last week, i purchased  a black fine tip & a black medium at Michael's.

<><   It didn't take very long for the paint to get to the tip & ready to use.
<><   It was very easy to use & went smoothly onto the product.
<><   Dried quickly to the touch.
<><   Used on top of paint (as i would usually use it) there was no bleeding. The color was vivid.
<><   It did bleed on non treated unfinished wood. I did kind of expect this & i don't normally use a paint pen this way, but just wanted to see for sure if it would or not.
<><   Whether the paint pen will glob & become hard to use.
<><   Whether the paint will fade. It does claim to be fade resistant

All in all, i did really like the was the pen performed & will be completing my set of them. At Michael's, my total purchase for both pens, plus tax, was $7 - $8. I've spent a little time in price checking & have found a much better price on U.S.Art Supply.

Extra Fine & Fine $1.85
Medium $1.96
Bold $2.66

On a different note...a lot of friends are doing Christmas in July promotions this month. I will get there pretty soon, but before Christmas is Halloween. So my promotions are for.....


So, here's my request this week, if you have some Halloween items to promote, please leave your link(s) in the comment section. Until next week, it might be July, but i  always hope that all your pumpkins will be great!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Finally in my studio!!! Woo Hoo!!!

I know it wasn't a Holiday weekend, but i took a holiday yesterday anyway. Instead of working on my blog & other computer work, i met two of my bestest High School buddies for a long lunch & lots of chatting. We have reconnected through Facebook & this is the second time we've met for lunch. So much fun!!!

Anyway, as i said last week, the studio is ready. I still haven't gotten any decor items up, but that's ok. I may do that later on. Right now, i'm just thankful that i have my space to create in again.  And i promised you pictures, so here they are. (For the before pictures, check the "I'm so excited" post from June 28th)

So this is my little corner of the world. It actually looks a lot more organized that it is. Truthfully it probably is pretty organized, it'll just be interesting to see if i can remember where i put things.That will be the challenge.

I mentioned earlier that i reconnected with my High School friends through Facebook. Well, i have also met some absolutely wonderful people who also are crafters, artists, designers, etc. After my enjoyable time yesterday at lunch, i came home to find i had received a package in the mail. Now, this lovely person had asked for my address, so i know that something would be coming. But i was so excited when i saw the goodies.....
These are adorable bottle cap magnets from Beans Things. Sooooo cute!!! She knew i loved Basset Hounds & Kitties & added the other two coordinating ones for a set. Jeanna has a wonderful Etsy shop full of natured inspired pendants, earrings, rings, & magnets. Stop by Jeanna's shop & see for yourself & be sure to stop by her Facebook Fan page & say hi. Don't forget to click the "Like" button to become a fan!
One last thing, before i go this week. Not to long ago, i posted a request on FB asking if anyone had any preferences of the brands of paint pens that they used & what they liked about them & disliked about others. I would still love to hear opinions from anyone. The reason being is that i need some new paint pens & wanted to make a wise investment. During my research, i discovered that Sharpie made both oil & water based paint pens. I was so excited by this, because i haven't met a Sharpie that i didn't like, but still have not heard any feedback on them. So after lunch yesterday, i went to Michael's & bought both a fine & a medium oil based pens in black. By next week, hopefully, i'll be able to let you know what i think.

Until then, hope & pray that you all have a great week. I look forward to reading your comments, so don't be shy. =)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Getting it Together.....

Happy Monday Everyone! Hope you all had a good 4th of July. And those of you who get an extra day off today.....ENJOY!!! We had a quiet evening at home....grilled pork steaks on the grill, baked potatoes, peaches & cream sweet mm gooooood! =) Anyway, it's back to business for me today.....

First up: Two weeks ago, i asked for tips on scheduling, marketing, etc. Anything that you think might help me. I didn't get as much response as i had hoped, but what i got was very good!

My friend Karen T summed it up best: "Organizing your week is an absolute must, otherwise you have a lot of half completed tasks." And Karen seems to have it under control....
   <><  Keep an ongoing shopping list on the fridge.
   <><  Have a message/note area.
   <><  Laundry ONCE A WEEK!
   <><  Cleaning: Everyday - wipe down the bathroom, declutter & wipe down kithchen counters. Schedule 1 day a week to vacuum, dust, mop floors, etc.
   <><  Make a "project to do" list. It is easier to visualize what needs to be done & checking off what you've gotten done is very gratifying.
   <><  Schedule computer time & craft "work" time.
   <><  Schedule a little down time for simple pleasures: reading, phone calls, take a walk, etc.
   <><  Learn to say no to those extracurricular activities that can set you back. 

It seems that just because we work at home, some people think that we have all the time in the world to do whatever. NOT! We do have a business to run. However, there is no sense in getting too stressed out if you do run a little behind. After all, the only one who would dock you pay, write you up, or fire yourself. =)

My friend Jeanie H. was very complimentary of my work. Thanks so much Jeanie!!!! Her suggestion for marketing, was to beef up my shop. To put more of myself out there. My own personal website is something that i have been researching & for just that reason. Good minds think alike. =)  Another of Jeanie suggestions is to check into ad in local free papers. With that in mind, & another opportunity that was presented to me, i made up a flier last week. 

 Jane N-J directed me to Mommy the Marketer & i found this article:  Mommy the Marketer is a great place to go for helpful info. Thanks for reminding me Jane!

I had a couple of others who, i believe, had planned to send me tips, but i didn't receive anything from them. And since i said that 3 would receive an item of their choice from my shop, congratulations Karen, Jeanie, & Jane! Send me an email (, & let me know know which item ( you're choosing & your mailing address. =)

I've gotten my studio set up, except for a few homey decor items. Will share those pics with you next week! Until then, i pray that you all have a wonderful week ! <><