Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Finally in my studio!!! Woo Hoo!!!

I know it wasn't a Holiday weekend, but i took a holiday yesterday anyway. Instead of working on my blog & other computer work, i met two of my bestest High School buddies for a long lunch & lots of chatting. We have reconnected through Facebook & this is the second time we've met for lunch. So much fun!!!

Anyway, as i said last week, the studio is ready. I still haven't gotten any decor items up, but that's ok. I may do that later on. Right now, i'm just thankful that i have my space to create in again.  And i promised you pictures, so here they are. (For the before pictures, check the "I'm so excited" post from June 28th)

So this is my little corner of the world. It actually looks a lot more organized that it is. Truthfully it probably is pretty organized, it'll just be interesting to see if i can remember where i put things.That will be the challenge.

I mentioned earlier that i reconnected with my High School friends through Facebook. Well, i have also met some absolutely wonderful people who also are crafters, artists, designers, etc. After my enjoyable time yesterday at lunch, i came home to find i had received a package in the mail. Now, this lovely person had asked for my address, so i know that something would be coming. But i was so excited when i saw the goodies.....
These are adorable bottle cap magnets from Beans Things. Sooooo cute!!! She knew i loved Basset Hounds & Kitties & added the other two coordinating ones for a set. Jeanna has a wonderful Etsy shop full of natured inspired pendants, earrings, rings, & magnets. Stop by Jeanna's shop & see for yourself & be sure to stop by her Facebook Fan page & say hi. Don't forget to click the "Like" button to become a fan!

One last thing, before i go this week. Not to long ago, i posted a request on FB asking if anyone had any preferences of the brands of paint pens that they used & what they liked about them & disliked about others. I would still love to hear opinions from anyone. The reason being is that i need some new paint pens & wanted to make a wise investment. During my research, i discovered that Sharpie made both oil & water based paint pens. I was so excited by this, because i haven't met a Sharpie that i didn't like, but still have not heard any feedback on them. So after lunch yesterday, i went to Michael's & bought both a fine & a medium oil based pens in black. By next week, hopefully, i'll be able to let you know what i think.

Until then, hope & pray that you all have a great week. I look forward to reading your comments, so don't be shy. =)

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  1. I LOVE your new space! What a sweet creative spot hidden away from the rest of the world. Love it!