Monday, July 19, 2010

What a Day for a Daydream.....

Yes it is a day for a daydream....or at least to veg on the couch. It's rainy & dark & suppose to be nasty all day. And for most of the afternoon, i will be on the couch, but with laptop at hands. This is part of my new schedule for Monday. Writing my blog & catching up on computer work plus, by staying downstairs on the couch, i can do laundry at the same time. Again....thanks to all who gave me great input on my scheduling. =)
I have used my new Sharpie Oil Base Paint Markers. As stated last week, i purchased  a black fine tip & a black medium at Michael's.

<><   It didn't take very long for the paint to get to the tip & ready to use.
<><   It was very easy to use & went smoothly onto the product.
<><   Dried quickly to the touch.
<><   Used on top of paint (as i would usually use it) there was no bleeding. The color was vivid.
<><   It did bleed on non treated unfinished wood. I did kind of expect this & i don't normally use a paint pen this way, but just wanted to see for sure if it would or not.
<><   Whether the paint pen will glob & become hard to use.
<><   Whether the paint will fade. It does claim to be fade resistant

All in all, i did really like the was the pen performed & will be completing my set of them. At Michael's, my total purchase for both pens, plus tax, was $7 - $8. I've spent a little time in price checking & have found a much better price on U.S.Art Supply.

Extra Fine & Fine $1.85
Medium $1.96
Bold $2.66

On a different note...a lot of friends are doing Christmas in July promotions this month. I will get there pretty soon, but before Christmas is Halloween. So my promotions are for.....


So, here's my request this week, if you have some Halloween items to promote, please leave your link(s) in the comment section. Until next week, it might be July, but i  always hope that all your pumpkins will be great!


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  1. Hi! I have 2 Halloween tutus! Here are the links:

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