Monday, July 8, 2013


(First, a personal note: Hello my friends. I am sorry for not keeping up with my blog. As i started to type today, i realized that it's been 9 months to the day, since i've posted. & i truly regret that. I ask for your forgiveness & make a pledge to get back to weekly postings, beginning today. Thanks!)

I have been working on my blog lately - a little at a time. Truthfully, a lot of the work has been going on in my head. Today, i have been sitting outside with my laptop, on a picture perfect 4th of July. I just finished adding the tab "Feedback" at the top of this page. I copied & pasted feedback from my ifrogcrafts' shop that have made my heart smile. I warms my heart & makes me happy that people really do like my creations. And then, as i was being still, i heard God ask me this question, "How many people give Me feedback?"

So i pondered that a bit. And as i was pondering, i saw a horsefly. (No, not a flying horse. Tee hee) And i thought how annoying flies are sometimes. But then, i remembered watching our 1 year old black cat trying to catch one, not too long ago. It was so funny & entertaining. 

Then, i thought of the annoying teeny, tiny black ants, that seem to invade our kitchen every year. And i remembered that i did tell Him not too long ago, that i didn't know what He was thinking with these little pests, that they were a pain & i hated them. I did laugh when i said it, so i think that, those little oblong specks of black are an illustration of God's orneriness. After all, i do know a lot of ornery people & we are made in His image.

Just then, i look over & there is a weed growing that has been missed by the mower. But it has a beautiful little purple flowers blooming from it. I love purple. And i hear a bird & i'm reminded that the truck needs washing. But when i really listen to the song that the bird is singing, it's so beautiful that i don't care what birds have done to my truck.

I sit back & look up & see a dead limb in the tree. Not very pretty, but i notice the awesome shade that this big Maple tree gives our back yard. In fact, there are trees galore, behind the fence, all around our back yard...including one big tall one in the center back with no leaves. At this point, i'm not really sure where i'm going with all this & i hear God say, "Don't just tell them, tell Me.Give Me feedback". So i tell Him:

"I love the peacefulness of my backyard. Yes, my laptop is out here, but there is no TV to distract me from You. Weeds can be beautiful. The green leaves are stunning against the gorgeous blue sky. And i really love the shade of our big maple tree today. But best of all, the tall tree with no leaves reminds me that when we die, we won't be standing out in the elements. We'll be without pain & suffering, & standing tall with our Lord & Savior. Jesus Christ. Words can never express enough feedback for that.

(But i still don't like the tiny black ants in my house.) 

Father, thank You for this glorious day. I ask that you remind me to give You feedback & that You keep my heart open to hear yours. I pray that my feedback to You will make Your heart smile....and maybe even laugh a bit. In Jesus name, amen. <><