Monday, August 15, 2011

As The Deer

For the last few days, i've had a song in my head. I'm sure we've all been there. But thankfully, this song is not one of those annoying ones that you try to get out of your head. This song is a worship song of adoration written in 1984, by Martin Nystrom & based on Psalm 42:1.

"As the deer pants for streams of water,
so my soul pants for You, O God."

The first verse of the song goes like this:
"As the deer pants for living water
So my soul thirsts for You, O God.
You alone are my heart's desire,
And I long to worship You."

This should be our heart's desire. To worship God with all our heart, mind & soul. When we're physically thirsty, we reach for something to drink - iced tea, lemonade, soda, etc. But to truly hydrate our bodies, water is the only way. But what about your emotional thirst? What do you reach for then? Do you do the "if only's"? If only - I was making more money; if only -  I could lose weight; if only - I could meet that special someone; if only - I could just get away for a few days; etc. Do those "if only's" really satisfy the thirst of your soul? You might think they do, & maybe they do....temporarily. But does you "if only" list ever end? I think not.

Why doesn't your "if only" list end? Maybe because you're looking to quench that thirst in worldly ways. Instead, look to God to quench the thirst of your soul. The rest of "As the Deer" tells us:
"Dad by day all Your love all Your love surrounds me
And by night You're a song within.
You alone lift my spirits higher,
And my soul finds hope in You.

"When my soul faints & fears distress me,
I remember Your faithfulness.
Hear my prayer Lord, renew my spirit
As I come to worship You.

"You alone are my strength & shield;
To You alone may my spirit yield.
You alone are my heart's desire
And I long to worship You."

Verse 9 of Psalm 42 refer that God is our rock. He is firm. He is solid. He is immovable. He is the strongest form of stability that you will ever know. And He knows you & He wants you to know Him. So, instead of wasting time trying to quench your thirst with worldly ways, go to God. Ask Him to quench your thirst. Tell Him that you want worshiping Him to be your heart's desire. Believe me, your soul will never be thirsty again.