Monday, October 3, 2011

Prayer, Devotion, Reading --- Down - Set - Hut!

I heard a wonderful message yesterday on TBN from Kenneth Haggin & i'd like to share the just of it with you. It is football season & whether you're a football fan or not, it was a message that we all need.
First, i want to talk about discipline. Now no matter what sport someone plays, it takes discipline. There are practices, practices, & more practices to get it right. Those practices take discipline.This can be applied to our spiritual life also. Through discipline, we find that we have more in us than we think we do. Football players & Christians have this in common. When we're hurting, we keep tough & keep going. In spring training, those football players are not only practicing, but they are studying & learning plays. They are preparing for their games. Just as we should prepare for our game every day with prayer, devotion & reading.
In football, it's down, set, hut.
Down - puts the players in their positions to handle whatever may come to them from the other team. We need to be in a position to look at life the same way & be ready to handle anything.
Set - The players are in a position for the play & their mindset is in determination that nothing will get in their way to complete the play. As Christians, we need to have the same mindset & determination that we will not compromise our faith, our character, our morals & ethics. We nee to be ready & determined to listen & follow God.
Hut - starts the action. The team is ready execute the play. Always be determined to execute what you've learned to live a Christian life.
Through prayer, devotion & reading God's word. We can have a winning game every day. Just remember to 
"Be on your guard;
stand firm in faith;
be men of courage;
be strong.
Do everything in love."
I Corinthians 16:13-14 (NIV)

And remember....God is love.

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