Monday, April 16, 2012

Going Backwards to Go Forwards

We know that God gives us direction. He pushes us forward & provides a future for us. But have you ever felt like He has taken you backwards instead? Ever wonder why?

"I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt; I will make you live in tents again, as in the days of appointed feasts."
Hosea 12:9 (NIV)

In this verse, from Hosea, God is telling the Israelites that they were going to take a few steps backwards. They had gotten out of Egypt & moved on with their lives. They had stepped towards a future, but had forgotten God in the process. God decided that the best thing that He could to, was to take them back to the days they lived in tents. It was during that time that they were filled with incredible joy; they celebrated feasts & remembered God's goodness - in spite of their surroundings.

With so many irons in the fire, i must admit that God has had to take me back many times. There are times when i feel like i'm living in fast forward. I can get so focused on the busyness of life, that i forget to hit rewind & remember all God has done for me & rejoice. There are times when He takes me back to a particular hard time. He doesn't do this because He's punishing me, but because He knows how forgetful i can be. He reminds me of my "tents" so that i can remember where i started.

Sometimes going backwards is what God knows is best for you. We need to trust the direction that He is taking us. We need to settle in our "tents" & look for Him to dwell with us as He did with the Israelites. Whining & complaining about where you are doesn't accomplish anything. Instead choose to feel God's nearness & soak in His love. Maybe there is something He once taught you that you need to relearn. I know that's usually my experience.

I don't like going backwards & i'm sure that you don't like it either. But we must trust God's direction & embrace whatever it is that He is trying to teach us. Doing this will will make sure that you're always going the best direction possible, you'll feel your relationship with Him growing stronger every day.

"They will know that I am the Lord their God, who brought them out of Egypt so that I might dwell among them. I am the Lord their God."
Exodus 29:46 (NIV)

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