Monday, May 21, 2012

Battles to Victory Celebrations

We all experience battles in our lives. Some are continuous throughout our lives. Some are over soon. And some, though temporary, last a lot longer than we'd like. God never intended for us to enter a battle under our own strength.

" 'Not by might nor power, but by Spirit' says the Lord Almighty."
Zechariah 4:6

We need to have faith in God & be obedient to His teaching. He knows the areas of our lives that we have no strength or power to straighten things out. But victory does not depend on what strength, power, or willpower that you have, or don't have. Victories belong to God & the path we must follow is obedience. The best way to fight your battles is to ask & allow God's Holy Spirit to teach & guide us. Strength is limited & willpower is often subject to our emotional state. But God's Spirit is able to endure & lead you to victory.

Even when we are not faithful to ourselves, God is always faithful to us. He's always with us to give us strength when we are weak, to hold us when we're lonely, to heal us when we're hurting, to hug us when we're happy & to even high-five us when we obey Him. And because one of God's greatest promises is that He will never leave us, i can assure you that He'll always show up for any battle or pity-party that you may have. Plus, if you ask Him, He'll turn it into a victory celebration.

We can always count on God. He has the power through the Holy Spirit to lead us to victory in all areas of our lives. Our role is to learn to follow His will, not our own. We can also continue the victory celebration by sharing how God has worked in our lives. Share your experiences with other. It just may help them to believe & to call on God in their time of need.