Monday, August 4, 2014

Could You Have Done More?

This morning, i received an email from a long-time friend & learned that her mom is in the final stages of Alzheimer's. This, of course, saddened me. I know that her mom hadn't been well for quite some time & my friend has been a very courageous & long-term caregiver for her mom. This brought back memories of myself. I think most of us, when we look back at a situations like this, we tend to remember that we did do for these loved ones, but we could have done more.  And i am no exception to that. I could have done more. But i didn't & now, that's water, long under the bridge. I did what i thought i could do & all i did was done in love.

"Three things will last forever - faith, hop, & love -- and the greatest of these is love."
1 Corinthians 13:13 (NLT)

Whether it's a parent, a family member, a special person that is loved, we can all do better.  As my mobility remains not so mobile, i may not be able to spend much time with certain loved ones, but i can do the next best thing. I can pick up the phone & call them. I can write a note/letter using a real pen & paper....or send an email. =)  

"Love each other in the same way I have loved your"
John 15:12b (NLT)

We are commanded to love as we have been loved. I do understand how hectic life can get  & i understand how time can get away from us. But i must strongly remind you that life is short. None of us are guaranteed a tomorrow. Is there someone you need to spend more time with?

"The most important thing that should totally absorb our lives down here is the practice of REAL love. Why? Because love lasts. Love will be the only thing that matter in eternity."
Jill Brisco, author of Love That Lasts

Reading this quote, i hope that you all realize that this includes every one in your life. From your children, to your spouse, parents, grandparents, other family members & friends. Schedule this time into your life, if you have to.....write it in you planner. Here's a few suggestions to get you started:
* Write a little note & leave it in an unexpected place for someone to find
* Give time, make dates, with no strings attached - lunch, movie, or just sit & chat away from any distractions.
* Touch is a great way of showing love too, especially if someone special is older & has lost their spouse. Hold their hands, give them a REAL hug. This is good for everyone!
* Affirm & always be encouraging & complimentary. Tell them at least one positive thing that you believe about them.

I'm not really sure where God is taking me with this post today. Usually, i have a pretty good ending flowing about now. =) I just know that this is what He has laid on my heart. If you've read my posts before, you probably already know that before i start writing i ask God to give me HIS message & HIS words, that the post will touch someone's heart. And at this point, i pray that my list of suggestions to get you started will open your mind & inspire you to make time for those you love.


  1. ARE you crazy? You are actually posting regularly again!! ROFL...I was doing some maintenance on my blog and looked over and THOUGHT I MUST be having a stroke!! Good for you...I'm trying to do better too...I lost my mojo when Roamie died, but NOW it is time to get it back...

    What a beautiful message...AND I caught up reading the ones I had missed also...hmmmm....Walmart...we BOTH did the same~~we changed US~~AMAZING how that works...just a testament to what we have been taught in the Bible...we CANNOT out-give God on ANY level...he gives us MORE than we can EVEN imagine...NOW THAT is a DOXOLOGY MOMENT~wink wink~...Keep doing this ministry...Although you can't physically go to Church, you sure can minister in SO MANY other ways...Boy, maybe we should start making churches WITHOUT walls so people will GET IT!! LOVE ya, chick...xoxo

    1. I love that without walls!!!

      I am so glad that you didn't have a stroke! ROFL! I do understand losing your mojo. The severe pain that i was in before the surgery did that to me. Most of the time, i just didn't really care. But thankfully, God kept me grounded & now is helping me keep the focus on what i need to do.

      Thank you so much for your heartfelt words, my friend. It really means a lot to me. Love ye girl!

  2. You know -- we can always do more and it is natural to feel that we didn't do enough once our loved ones are gone. My mom is in her mid 80's and we are finding she needs more and more care from us. One day she shared with me that after her mom passed away -- she felt like she didn't do enough for her when she was alive. The reality was she did everything she could to help make her as comfortable as possible as she was suffering from cancer. So my mom said to me -- "after I'm gone -- I want you to remember that I said this -- "you did enough". It makes me cry when I think of it.

    1. Judy, thank you so much for sharing that special moment with your mom. {{{hugs}}} What a blessing.

  3. This reminds me to "do more" in contacting my own mother. Thanks!

    1. I'm so happy that my blog has brought this to your mind. Blessings!

  4. Thank you for your post. My husband just had to travel to N. CA early this morning because his dad isn't doing well. He just texted me to say they've put his dad in his hospice. Yes, it's definitely important to let those around you know that you love them.