Monday, February 28, 2011

The Three Stages of Love

"As a bridegroom rejoices over his bride,
so will your God rejoice over you."
Isaiah 62:5b

We all know there are different types of love. But, did you know that there are three stages of love?

First Love:
Do you remember your first love? Do you remember meeting someone special for the first time? You want to be with that person as much as possible. Your eyes light up when they walk in the room & your heart leaps for joy. It's the same way when you give your heart to Jesus. Such a feeling of joy that words could never do it justice. But the title of the first song i sang as a solo in church does a pretty good job. "Heaven Came Down and Glory Filled My Soul".

Wilderness Love:
After the newness wears off of the relationship comes the Wilderness Love. You're use to each other & feel comfortable. This is a good thing, but the tender glances, the romance, dwindles a bit. There may be moments of intimacy, but they are just an occasional rendezvous in the desert. Your relationship with Jesus can become like this....routine. Prayers become monotonousness, like reading a grocery list. You read your Bible, maybe when you have time, & the same passages that moved you before, don't move you as much now. You have a strong, steady, but routine relationship with Jesus.

Invincible Love:
Sadly, most relationships never make it to the third stage because they get lost in the wilderness. But there are some who make it to the promised land of Invincible Love. There is great joy & peace in knowing & being known, & in the security that love, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, is here to stay. And even more sadly, most believers don't make it to the third stage of Invincible Love. They love Jesus & they have times of intimacy with Him. But their lives are missing the passion for Him. They are having an occasional meeting in the wilderness with the One who used to be the love of their life.

But the goal of your life should be to know a tender & mature Invincible Love with Jesus Christ. Because nothing - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING - can compare to that type of relationship with Him.

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