Monday, February 17, 2014

Sing To The Lord

I am the Music Director at our church & i love it! Now, don't go "Wow!" Because we have no choir & we have no praise band. Though i keep praying that we will. Our music consists of playing floppy discs on our digital piano or CDs, that i burn on my computer, on a portable CD player. Then there is me at the microphone. 

"Sing to the Lord, for He has done glorious things."
Isaiah 12:5

Though i have performed either singing in the choir, or a group, or playing the piano in church before, i have found that i LOVE leading the music. There is something about hymns & praise songs that makes me feel so close to Jesus. I know that He's always with me. But sometimes i just feel that my words don't do justice in letting Him know how thankful i am for all He's done for me. When i sing, there are certain songs that say EXACTLY what i feel.

It's kind of like picking out a greeting card for someone special that you are around all the time. Like my wonderful husband. We know how we feel about each other & we say "i love you" multiple times a day. But when we give each other cards, they are always mushy, sappy, romantic, & say exactly what's in our hearts that we don't say everyday.

There's a certain chorus from a song in our hymnal that has been running through my mind since the first of the year:
"Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,
Sweetest Name I Know,
Fills my every longing,
Keeps me singing as I go."

It's been a VERY rough winter for most people this year. Weather DOES tend to affect our moods as well as our physical abilities. Weather change brings a LOT of pain for me & even less mobility than usual. Honestly, it's a very scary thing for me. But those four lines above can change my mood, take away my fears, & give me peace.

So, my "words of wisdom" today is to find a praise song, a phrase, a Bible verse or passage, & in times of trouble, fear, sadness, despair, sing it, read it, say it---SHOUT IT!!! And  do it with conviction, with confidence & most of all, with FAITH, that Jesus is with you AND will take care of everything.


  1. songs always move me too - you get to pray double (words and melody) when you sing to Him

  2. Awesome...He's been teaching me over the last year or two to read His word out loud. It has more impact for me, helps me pay attention, and it changes the atmosphere entirely. :)

    1. There are times that i do the same thing! =) He's such a marvelous teacher.

  3. Great inspirational post! Love the links to the great Etsy items too!

    1. Thanks so much Ann Marie! I do a random search to look for just the right items to post & i find so many cool shops that way.