Monday, August 9, 2010

The Heat Is On......

Hi everyone! I hope & pray that you all had a good week. It was pretty uneventful here this past week. The weather was even so good that we had the AC shut off & the windows open part of the time. But this week is a different story. It's hot!!! It's humid!!! I love my air conditioner. =)

This week i want to give a shout out for SOCCER BOY! This 11 year old young man has taken on a big responsibility. He has set up a shop on Etsy to sell stamped tags & cards for a fundraiser. His soccer team is going on a Missions Trip to Mexico to build a house. I don't know this young man personally, but i am very proud of the work he is doing.  Here are just a few examples of his creations.....
And my favorite of all ----
Imagine that! Me liking the frog! Actually, there were some frog note cards the other day listed which i hope to get before the end of the month. After all, the shop intro says if you see a stamp that you like & want it on a different item, to just send a convo (message) & he'll set up a reserved listing just for you.

Also....Soccer Boy is having a contest!!!

"For every new fan who posts who sent them, I will enter the person who referred them into a drawing. No limit to how many times you can be entered!

I will keep a list under my discussion tab and then I will do a drawing next Sunday August 15, 2010 at 5PM PST.
The winner will receive a set of 24 assorted mini Thank you cards!"

 So be sure to stop by Soccer Boy's Facebook Fan Page, click on the "like" button & post that ifrogcrafts/Karalee Gross sent you.!/SoccerBoy.etsy

Guess that's all for this week. Thanks for stopping by. See you next week! <><


  1. Karalee - thank you so much for promoting my son's shop! He has learned this craft from watching me do it since he was born. He loves to create, so we thought this was a fantastic way for him to help raise the funds to go on his trip. After all, isn't it more fun to stamp tags and notecards than to wash cars all day!

    He has access to all of my stamps and can create anything you like. Want a "frog" on mini cards to send off as thank you notes, no problem.

    Just let him know what you need and he'll gladly do it!
    Thanks again! Melinda - Just Scraps N' Things (SoccerBoy's Mom)

  2. Wow! What a talented and big hearted young man. I know his mom must be proud :-)

  3. Thanks for the comments!

    Melinda - i do plan to order my card from him later on in the month. Have to keep the budget straight, ya know. =)

    Erica - like i said, i don't know him, but i am proud of him all the same. =)


  4. Beautiful work! New Follower via link love. Come check out my blog too! Have a great day!