Monday, August 30, 2010

Pictures, Pictures and More Pictures

One of the biggest challenges that i have had with my Etsy shop is taking good pictures. I don't know how many ways that i have tried to get them clear & attractive. Now, i'm not a photographer - by any means. I get excited when any picture turns out ok....let alone REALLY good. I've tried almost every setting on my camera. I've tried making myself a light box. I can honestly say that it takes time & experience to get it right. I've invested a LOT of time. The one thing i that learned is that NATURAL LIGHT is the best light. So if you don't have a place inside that provides the best natural light, then it's time to bite the bullet & head outside. I loaded up a tote & a medium box & called hubby upstairs to carry it all down.

When we moved in to our home, we were very happy that it had a fenced in backyard for Naphie, out basset hound.
Now, i'm thankful for the fence. It provides a rustic background & considering that most of my items are to be hung, it provides a great background. The backyard is surrounded by trees, so i get a great combo of sunlight & shade.....plenty of NATURAL LIGHT.

I took a bunch of pictures & still have a bunch to go. What do you all think.  Here are some befores & afters.

I haven't gotten all the cropping, etc. done yet. That's on my list after i finish & post this. But i am so excited for the new look & hopefully, will be able to get the rest of my pictures done soon. I would love to hear your feedback.

I'd also love to hear your photography tips. Be sure to leave your comments below.....

{{{Hugs}}} & prayers for all of you!!!


P.S. Ok.Grrrrrrrrrrr. Now i'm having trouble with the picture resolution......TO BE CONTINUED.....

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