Monday, September 20, 2010

Do Puzzle Pieces Always Fit?

The past couple of days has been quite puzzling around here. My hubby's Facebook & email accounts got hacked. He has reported everything to Facebook & we're just waiting to see if they can resolve the situation. I'm one of those that tends to investigate & a few hours ago, found even more pieces to the puzzle. Luckily, he was able to get back his email account, but not Facebook yet. 

But it reminds me that life can be  very puzzling sometimes & there are times when the pieces don't fit. Don't you wish that things could fit together perfectly like this tote bag?

But the older i get, the more i realize that here on Earth, sometimes the puzzle pieces just don't seem to fit.

I was alway taught not to question why God gives us the puzzle pieces that He does. But I've realize that it is ok to ask Him why, after all, He's the one that gave us emotions. Just remember, that He may not always give us a reason & whatever puzzle pieces He gives us, He'll be with us to see it through. Sometimes, that reason may be years down the road. Sometimes we may never get the answers until we meet Him face to face. As a good friend always reminded me, " No one knows what the future will bring & the One that knows isn't telling."

So as we go through our life full of puzzle pieces, remember this....

When life hands you a puzzle,

And the pieces do not fit,

Remember God is always there
To help you deal with it.

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