Monday, January 6, 2014

Put Off Procrastination - Part 2

Today is a positive step for me to "Put Off Procrastination". (See previous post.) I am actually writing a blog post for my regularly scheduled Monday! Yea!!! I didn't know there would be a part 2 until i started writing. Some of you may remember from past posts that i always ask God to bless my posts & to give me His message to write. So, now, there's a part 2.
One of the biggest mistakes that the majority of us make, is to wait until the time is "right". If we do that, somethings may never get done! Sometimes we're just selfish & "want what we want, when we want it". That's another way of whining, "I don't wanna" when you know you could get an unpleasant task done in just a few minutes. And it's not really about making a plan & sticking with it. Instead, take a deep breath & do it now. There isn't a perfect time, except God's perfect timing.
"If you wait for perfect conditions, you'll never get anything done."
Ecclesiastics 11:4 (LB)
I have struggled with feeling that perfection is unreachable, so i would push things out of my mind. And that's how things got our of hand for me. But even a baby step towards a goal is a positive step. It's much better than not doing anything. And believe me, those first steps, no matter how big, or how small, will fill you with the joy of accomplishment.They certainly have for me the last 6 days!
God is teaching me each day, that i can make progress in all circumstances. Daily, it feels wonderful to get something small accomplished, rather than dreading the attempt a larger job done perfectly. So, let's remind ourselves that an imperfect accomplishment is better than perfect procrastination. There may never be a perfect time to do what you need to do, but we have to begin somewhere. After all, how did we start baby step at a time.

"If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer."
Matthew 21:22 (NIV)
With all this being said, the absolute most important first step, is to ask God to bless your plan for the day & that it be in accordance with His plan. I also ask Him for His wisdom to prioritize & His strength & energy to get done what He feels needs to be done. I know this is important because if i do forget to ask this, i don't get things done in a timely manner.