Monday, January 13, 2014


I've noticed a trend lately. I've come across many blogs that have been written about one word of the New Year. Instead of making New Year's resolutions, you're to choose one word to focus on this year. I've seen many different words chosen, but the most popular seem to be love, joy, believe, & faith. Again, a few days ago, i came across one of those blogs & i suddenly heard "SURRENDER". 
Some of you may know that i have been coping with some physical challenges. Due to arthritis in my knees & hips, my mobility has dwindled greatly & i am losing a little bit of my independence. (On the bright side, i don't have to do, because i can't do, the marathon grocery shopping trip every two weeks. tee hee!) It's not only been a physical adjustment, but a BIG emotional adjustment. I've been frustrated, depressed & in tears WAY too often. And yes, i have prayed about all of this. I've given my pain to God. I've asked Him to take the pain, or at least make it tolerable. And in those tearful times, i've begged & pleaded for His help. My issues seemed even worse, because i wasn't sleeping well due to the pain, so therefore i was sleep deprived, which made things seem worse than they were.
But when i read this blog the other day & heard SURRENDER, i did just that! I surrendered my pain, my frustrations, my depression. And God is SO GOOD!!! That night i got 9 HOURS of sleep without waking up in pain. I feel like i am a new person! Yes, i still have pain, but NO frustration. I'm not depressed. And tears are now happy tears. I just want to shout it from the roof tops! (If i could climb up there, that is.)

"Surrender yourself to the Lord, & wait patiently for Him."
Psalm 37:7 (GWT)

So what does it mean to surrender? 
 - Following God's lead - no matter where.
 - Waiting for God's perfect timing - no matter when.
 - Expecting a miracle - no matter how.
 - Trusting God's purpose - no matter what.
When you surrender to God, you always rely on Him to work things out. You don't try to force your own agenda, manipulate others, or control any situation. Remember, YOU are NOT in charge! God is! So quit trying harder & instead, trust Him more.

The prime example of SURRENDER is when Jesus surrendered Himself to God's plan. He payed,
"Father, everything is possible for You. Please take this cup of suffering away from Me. Yet I want Your will, not Mine."
"Mark 14:36 (NLT)

All i know is that by keeping my focus on the word SURRENDER, i feel like a HUGE weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I am SO relieved that God is in charge! With that being said, i leave you with the lyrics to the chorus of a song that has been going through my head, since i heard my one word......

I surrender all, I surrender all,
All to thee, my blessed Savior,
I surrender all.


  1. Beautiful advice:) I'm sorry to hear that you have been in pain...I hope that it becomes manageable. Having your positive attitude is half the battle:)

    1. Thanks. =) The pain manageability is improving. And you are so right! Attitude is half the battle. And once i surrendered, my whole outlook changed. PTL!

  2. Wow, I enjoyed reading this, Karalee. And, needed to hear the message as well. Excellent post.

    1. Thanks so much, my sweet friend. When i write my blogs, i always pray for God's message to reach at least 1 person's heart. {{{hugs}}}

  3. beautifully said and I am glad you are blogging on a regular basis because you have a story to share...One of the first times I played for church was when I played I SURRENDER ALL as my oldest Brother and Mother sang it for the special music...STILL brings HOLY GHOST GOOSEBUMPS to me...xoxo

  4. Thank you Charlotte! It feels VERY good too. =) I just love that song!